Company-Rajesh Machine Tools

Company Profile

The Company- Rajesh Machine Tools belongs to the high repute Siddhapura Group. It’s been around two decades, when company was incepted with the minimal resources and infrastructure. The company has always concerned the quality as the prime objective in its every aspect of manufacturing.
The technical know-how of the team Rajesh Machine Tools and the experience of the company to manufacture the high quality machines like- Mechanical Under Crank Shearing Machine, Mechanical Over Crank Shearing Machine, Press Brake Machines, Plate Bending Machines, hydraulic shearing machine , Hydraulic Press Brake Machine, Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine,power press machines and mechanical shearing machine. The company also caters the customised machines as per the requirement of the client. The company also manufactures different types of power press.

Vision of Rajesh Machine Tools

“To be the leading company manufacturing quality products and reaching the entire globe and to make the nation proud of it.”

Mission of Rajesh Machine Tools

To consistently make every effort for the manufacturing of better-quality products and to create the bondage of relationship between all the people of the company and with the customers to strengthen the harmony.